10 Reasons Cuomo Construction

is right for you and your family

Experience in the Construction Industry

Since 1986, we have built over 100 homes in Connecticut from "move-up" to "luxury" price points. We work with our clients, whether on our lot or theirs to design and create a memorable home. And this is transferred into our new subdivisions as well. No two homes are alike, thus developing new neighborhoods that are highly desirable.

Fully Insured

We require all sub-contractors to be insured including Workers' Compensation. We diligently maintain certificates of insurance on all of our trades and this is of the utmost importance for a homeowner building on their parcel.


We are an ENERGY STAR® PARTNER. We offer geothermal Heating and Cooling and every HVAC system is designed and installed for optimum efficiency. High-efficiency systems are engineered and installed to deliver more comfort, better moisture control, improved indoor air quality, and quiet operation.
Weil McLain | Trane | Water Furnace

Work to Back It Up

You may visit any of our current construction sites or previous ones as well. Subject to safety requirements of course, you may visit any of our current projects and we can schedule an appointment for a visit to any past projects. Also, this is also true for when your home is being built. Always mindful of safety first, a homeowner is always welcome on the jobsite.

Brand Products are a Standard in Our Homes

Top Brand products including name brand windows are standard in our homes. Our windows are high performance which means that your home is built to be comfortable and more energy efficient in the New England climate. Low-emittance windows keep the heat from escaping in the winter and keeps the hot air outside in the summer. The two most important indicators of a windows performance are the U- factor and the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). The U-factor measures the insulation of a window, the lower the better. The SHGC measures how well the window blocks heat, again the lower the better.
Marvin Windows & Doors | Andersen Windows & Doors

Higher Building Standards

Our building standards far exceed minimum state codes which will maximize the long-term affordability of your home. This is where a Cuomo Home shines at its best. Because of the high quality products and superior workmanship used to build a Cuomo Home, it is simple inherent that a Cuomo Home will optimize the cost of owning, operating and maintaining a house.
Trus Joist | Owens Corning

We Use the Latest Products

We have experience and expertise with the latest products and designs that today's homeowners want incorporated into their homes. Over the years, our home buyers are becoming ever so sophisticated in their wish lists. Among the wants and needs of varying amenities is the desire to have the latest products. Cuomo Construction has the experience to guide you in making the best and smartest choices based on your budget.
Lutron | Franke Group | Azek Trimboards | Trustile Doors, LLC

In addition, we are also constantly learning and educating ourselves about new and existing building materials and products.
EGP Glass | Pillkington | Designer Doors

Tons of References

Not only may you speak to our most recent homeowners but you may speak to customers from years ago. We are extremely happy to have continuing relationships with our past clients. All of whom are proud homeowners and most of them would gladly share their homebuilding story. 

Our Warranty is Our Promise

Cuomo Construction Inc. is proud of the work we do and promise to repair or replace anything at our expense that is not constructed in a good workmanlike manner for one year from the date of completion. 

We Have a Solid Reputation in Connecticut

Our reputation is a testament to our uncompromising quality and customer service. Among a builder's many responsibilities, the most important is inspecting and monitoring the project as a whole. Tony is on the jobsite everyday to oversee all details of the homebuilding process from the pouring of footings to appliance delivery just before closing. 

Connecticut Custom Home Builder

With 20 years experience building homes, Tony Cuomo has built over 100 homes throughout the state of Connecticut and continues to provide an unexpected level of dedication, knowledge and service to each project. Cuomo Construction never compromises quality and will only contract with suppliers, vendors and tradesmen who share our vision of what a Cuomo Custom Home should be.

We realize how important it is for one's dream house to be unique, so we pay special attention to various architectural details throughout the entire home. Tony specializes in crown, cornices, frieze moldings, and distinctive ceiling treatments which add that special touch to all of our homes.

Quality Homes.

Tony Cuomo, owner of Cuomo Construction always says, "Quality is Value", and after all, the quality of a home can only be as good at those who helped create it.

Custom Homes.

As a custom home builder, we work hand-in-hand with our clients, making your concerns and opinions the most prominent part of your new home's construction process.

Some of Our Work

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